In place of Amoreiras, Ribeira das Tainhas, Municipality of Vila Franca do Campo, is located Quinta Velha das Amoreiras, which extends over an area of ​​2,604 hectares, from the Municipal road, called Rua das Amoreiras, to the sea.

The entrance to Quinta Velha is through a dark maroon gate, built in the 1990s, after partitions, and it has reproduced the coat of arms granted in 1766 to Captain-Major João Francisco Pacheco de Bettencourt. Documentary sources attest that since 1755 the Quinta has been going through successive inheritance in the same family. It was a property of vineyards and orchards, enriched by the construction of pineapple greenhouses.

In the 70s, the vineyard was replaced by banana plantations and various agricultural products, leaving a cellar and an alembic completely deactivated. These two buildings have now been altered and expanded in order to allow the installation and operation of a Rural Tourism development, classified as Country Houses, called: Casa do Alambique, Casa do Lagar and Casa da Pipa, with a view spectacular view of the sea, with the islet of Vila Franca do Campo being always present.

On the seafront, bordering the property, there is a natural swimming pool that was enlarged and benefited by the mother of the current owner, embedded in the black volcanic stone and with direct access to the sea. As an alternative for a good swim, there is another artificial swimming pool next to the houses and with a wide view of the sea. A  Quinta Velha das Amoreiras is located about 5 km from Vila Franca do Campo. This is an agricultural farm that is distinguished by having access to a natural pool on its own grounds, encrusted in the volcanic rock, combining in a single place the peace of the countryside the freshness of the sea. It is located on the south coast, practically in the middle of S. Miguel, making it a suitable place for those who want to know the island from one end to the other and find the well-deserved rest to relax after all the adventures of discovering our natural beauty . It is necessary to have a vehicle.